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Professional sheet metal processing enterprise

we always seek for integrity, ethics, quality and technical innovation to provide one-stop service for customers around the world. In the past ten years, good customer relationship has been supporting and promoting us to a new height.

Green product

We are committed to make products more reliable and cost-competitive so that people's lives could be more convenient and efficient.

Green process

We insist on using environmentally friendly materials and pay close attention to any physical or chemical waste to avoid environmental impact. We challenge ourselves and innovate to create better products. At the same time, to reduce the operation and management of any unnecessary input. We look forward to Longway to become a green energy industry model; we continue to move forward; we adhere to the belief to do the right thing!

Green culture

We respect the staff, concerned about the health of employees; our team work closely together to create a more green working atmosphere.

Never compete with our customers and we hope to become a business partner with
more branded companies and help our customer brand success.

15 years sheet metal processing experience

Continuous innovation is the impetus of enterprise development
Work for customers' needs

We only provide OEM/ODM service

Our OEM/ODM customers can enjoy quick one-stop service including R&D, designing,production lead-time,delivery,mould developing,after-sale service and so on.

  • ISO9001:2008

  • OHSAS18001:2007

  • ISO14001:2004

  • Certificate-ROHS

  • Test Report-ROHS

  • UL

  • Test Report-Salt Spray

  • Test-Letter of Patent-ROHS

Thanks for all OEM/ODM partners

and hope we can become better friends。

Hope to hear from you。

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