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Please send your application to:[email protected],Contact : Mrs. Chen

  • Build the platform for you to grow up and realize value together:

    We believe that employee is neither the masters of the company, nor the family members, he or she is the important partner of Longway. We will provide a stage, on which everyone can compete in a fair, open, impartial atmosphere and share the profit along with the company.

  • Scientific and objective evaluation and rewards system:

    We believe that talents are not respected if the performance appraisal can not objectively evaluate your contribution; it is neither fair to your excellence if the company dares not pay the difference in salary. We guarantee your personal benefits, and to inspire the enthusiasm of everyone to be good self-managed. Our performance appraisal is closely linked with the benefits of employees, to help you to realize your value, and at the same time, to get your preserved rewards.

  • Continuous improvement and innovation:

    We believe that there is no the best, only the better. More innovations and improvement on details is important for any company's development. Only the talents who are diligent and in pursuit of excellence, will catch the opportunities, and to find breakthrough rather than just following. God helps those who help themselves. No pay no harvest.

  • The individual and the team:

    Each individual job is a profession, we advocate that “be professional first, be extensive later”. The contribution to the team is relying on mostly your own profession. Engagement and being professional are the basic requirements to our team members. Always keep in mind your mission behind your responsibilities, which is the real cornerstone and common sense for team building.

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