• R&D team
  • Mould making
  • Metal processing machine
  • Powder coating line
  • Assembly line
  • Test equipment

Provide one-stop service for our customer including new product design and project management

We provide customized service in order to have better communication with our customers. With the good R&D abilities and strict management, we can always provide better service beyond expectations.

Different and flexible R&D mode

Comprehensive R&D and manufacturing capability for mould provides better customized one-stop service.

Wire cutting machine
Grinding machine
Finished mould

Perfect sheet metal processing machines

CNC, laser cutting machine, automatic bending machine and accurate welding robot.

automatic bending machine
Laser cutting machine
Punching machine
welding robot

Dust- free powder coating line

Advanced and recyclable technique of air circuit coating guarantees good corrosion-proof surface and mechanical properties.

Powder coating line

Efficient assembly

Several flexible assembly lines can fit for different kinds of products.

Assembly line

Improve the testing equipment and quality control procedures

For a long time, we regard the quality as the root of enterprise survival and development. Each step of the producing process will be supervised by the QC stuff. And with the comprehensive test equipments, we make sure the products quality and never bother customers with the quality problems.

Digital coating tester
Grounding resistance tester
Image measuring instrument
Salt spray tester

CMM tester

Hardness tester
Impact tester
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